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Culture Marketing

Paul Heslop

create + document remarkable

company culture

company culture can be your most effective marketing tool

the world just changed - it's time you change up your marketing

It's frustrating for all of us to be in the midst of a global crisis. With all of the uncertainty in the world, it's more important than ever to build a remarkable culture & share that with the world.  

Imagine what it will be like when you have a brand that everyone wants to be a part of and all of the tools necessary to create a video series around that. It's time you start letting your culture do the marketing. 

 hey marketers  


In the past 15 years I've run 6 of my own startups. Both the successes and failures in these businesses have taught me a lot about how to attract attention in multiple competitive industries.  Over and over again, I've had to come up with creative ways to market my own products & services, stay in front of customers, generate new leads and attract & retain employees.  

Through all of this, nothing has helped me get more attention than building a remarkable company culture and documenting it for the world to see.  

-Paul Heslop

  Your Culture Marketing Guide



I was privileged to work for Paul for 2 years & the company culture he created was second to none! The humorous and inspiring video content we created around our brand culture was a vital part in helping us grow and stay in front of prospects & customers.


—  Sammy Mitchell, Former Sales Manager for one of Paul's previous companies



Paul's energy is contagious. It doesn't take much time around him before it rubs off on you. His passion for creating a company image based on genuine culture is off the charts. He can build a polished presentation with a camera and random things in the garage. He's strategic, solution oriented and smart. I double dare you to put him to the test for your company.


—  Ryan Snarr, Director of Marketing, Destination Homes.  Ryan's company has hired one of Paul's startups 



Among all of the people that I’ve met over the past 18 years in the luxury hospitality industry - Paul has been the only person I’ve found that has the unique ability to teach me how to create 'wow experiences' with innovating products while maintaining a great service culture for my guests & clients. 


—  Alejandra Ochoa, Luxury Spa & Hospitality Consultant. Alejandra has received direct training from Paul.

 build a culture marketing machine during the COVID-19 crisis

Increase morale while team is working remote


Level up your digital

marketing game

Create culture marketing plan to thrive coming out of the crisis

Start to market your people while your product is hard to sell

Build a culture everyone wants to be a part of

Gain and hold the attention your brand deserves

Stop wasting money on ad spend that isn't paying off

Design wow-factor experiences in a digital world






Book a Call


We will help you clarify your message to avoid any confusion on what you're all about. 



Learn how to consistently create mind blowing word-of-mouth experiences around your brand that will have everyone talking.  



Build remarkable company culture that both customers and employees flock to! Your culture is about to become your best marketing tool.



Together, we will build a video series around the experiences and culture that you'll be proud to share. Get all the education, tools & resources on creating your new video show!

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$2,650 / month




Weekly one-on-one zoom meetings to help you execute the Culture Marketing Framework . This will be a very hands-on approach to assisting with anything from building experiences, song selection in videos, editing tips, content marketing campaigns and more! The Season Pass Culture Marketing Monthly Guide is limited to only participants who have been through the Digital Workshop.  Ask about upgrading to let us do your edits for you!




$5,450 / once

This 2 day workshop will be a hands-on, personalized approach to help you complete the Culture Marketing Framework custom for your business. Paul will personally assist and work with you giving you all the tools you need to not only build a culture and brand everyone wants to be a part of, but to become your own in-house media machine! Are you ready to build better experiences in your business, market your people and share that with the world?! In person workshops available in the Spring of 2021 for an addition $2,000 + travel expenses for 2 individuals.




$9,000 month

Everything in the Culture Marketing Workshop, Personal Guide + MUCH MORE! Culture Marketing Nirvana is about as good as it gets. We will design physical and digital experiences for your internal team, customers and prospects. Our creative team will personally shoot and edit your weekly video series, manage and execute custom photo & video shoots for all social media feeds daily to ensure your culture is doing the marketing! This plan is completely customized and tailored to your business. Just ask us how in the discovery call. 6 month contract & currently limited to 2 companies per year. 


steps to get started

Book A Discovery Zoom Call With Paul

Fill out a quick application to tell us a little bit about your business. We will jump on a zoom discovery call to brainstorm.

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Start Date

Carve out 2 days to get your Creative Juices Flowin' for a personalized, hands on workshop with Paul Heslop.

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Watch live from the comfort of your own home! This workshop will be 100% tailor-made & built for your specific business.

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